Google Real Time hot trends -Twitter real time images

Two fascinating things about today's world: what the critical ·internet" mass search on Google and whats photos they upload to twitter all in real time:

  • Google Hot Trends let you see the hottest search in real time, on the upper left corner there is a grid that let you configure the amount of queries at the same time, a 5*5 block is the biggest right now, so you can experience 25 queries at a time. It is also very fun and mesmerizing to watch.

  • twitcaps is another tool to analyze day-to-day zeitgeist, in this site we can watch real time image and video uploads to twitter, it has a lot of images host included, like twitpic, Lockerz, Flickr, instagram, youtube, etc. In here you can chose the speed... Choose real time and go mad... it's astonishing

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